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Volunteers are always welcome!  At this time, the HOA needs volunteers to help staff the ACC/Modifications Committee and Beautification Committee.  If you would like to become more involved in the Winding Creek HOA, simply complete and submit the Volunteer Form.


The Beautification Committee will help design and watch over our landscape.  The ACC Committee reviews all modifications to homeowner properties and approves, disapproves or works with residents to obtain approval.





Dear Winding Creek HOA Members,

Two weeks ago, the McKinney Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) heard a case for developing an Assisted Living, etc., development on the west side of Hardin Road and adjoining our HOA's north boundary.  As item was placed on our Web Site, mentioning this item and giving reference to where additional information might be found.  This item was approved by P&Z and sent on the full McKinney City Council for approval. 

      The agenda for the April 17th Council Meeting contains this item:


     At this web site, you can view pertinent documents regarding this proposed project.


January 15, 2018


Fake News and Rumors are being spread regarding the Hidden Creek HOA reaching out to the Winding Creek HOA board of directors with the intent to merge, allowing Winding Creek HOA members access to the Hidden Creek pool and facilities.  Having confirmed with Jason Feller, Hidden Creek HOA president, their board of directors has had no recent discussion on this topic and has not reached out to the Winding Creek HOA board.  Mr. Feller stated that their current pool and facilities would not accommodate the influx of additional users without the addition of another pool and expanded facilities, which they would not entertain. 

     Mr. Feller stated that Hidden Creek resident Hamilton Doak (who has no board of director or committee membership role within the HOA), publisher of the Creekside Living publication, on occasion organizes activities within the Hidden Creek HOA, sponsored by himself and his advertisers.  These activities are not Hidden Creek HOA sponsored activities.  

     Mr. Doak did request and was granted an opportunity to meet with the Winding Creek HOA Social Committee and its board liaison representative so that he could promote his ideas.  The Hidden Creek HOA president has shared that Mr. Doak has no authority to speak for or to represent the Hidden Creek HOA.

     In a January 15, 2018 email from Mr. Doak, he writes: “It was brought to my attention that several homeowners had posted messages about merging our two HOA’s and mentioned my name in that post…a merger of the two HOA’s in not part of anything that I am trying to achieve”. 

     Winding Creek HOA Members, please be assured that your elected board of directors makes every attempt to conduct your HOA in as prudent a manner as possible.


Bob Hansen, President

Winding Creek HOA


U.S. Flag Lease

The McKinney Sunrise and Sunset Rotary Clubs and Boy Scouts offer U.S. Flag leases.  You can lease a Flag Lease to delivered and installed at your home five times per year for a fee of $50.00 per year.  The flags are installed the weekend prior to a major holiday and retrieved a couple days later.  To order your flag, follow this link Rotary Flag Lease.

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