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Current Status of Winding Creek HOA Landscape

July 4, 2019

 Dear Winding Creek HOA Members,

  This is to bring you up-to-date regarding the state of landscaping within the HOA.  Today, our landscaping (grasses, shrubs, flower beds, etc.) is not up to our expectations.  Here is why and what is being done about it.

  Last October, in an effort to hold expenses within the budget supported by existing membership dues, the 2019 budget was adopted with the interval for mowing at every other week, during growing season.  This was a trial to determine the possibility of continuing this schedule. On June 20, we asked Brightview Landscape for a bid which would change our contract to weekly mowing in the growing season.  We have not yet received this bid.

  Until early this year, we had contracted with Precision Landscape to provide landscaping services.  At that time, Precision Landscape was acquired by Brightview Landscape, the largest landscape company in the U.S.  We signed a contract with Brightview on March 2.  A copy of this contract is on the HOA's web site. 

  The level of services provided by Brightview has been well below our expectations and we have been meeting with Brightview (through 3-levels of management) to rectify this situation.  To date, we have been unsuccessful.  As you may know, the U.S. Immigration situation has placed labor strains on most landscapers and good landscapers are hard to find.  In any event, if we cannot quickly turn this situation around, we must begin searching for another vendor.

  For several months, we have been developing plans to rework our beds, particularly those at entrances to the various villages.  This includes resizing and/or reshaping beds planting low-water-use plants, along with other features  such as rocks, boulders, etc.  On July 1, the Board approved, via conference call, a near $20,000 project to complete this work, scheduled to begin on July 22. 

  As always, the Board is looking for volunteers to work on various committees.  If you are so-inclined, the volunteer form and instructions are found on our web site.  Please note that you are always welcome to attend board meetings and you may submit an agenda item by contacting our Association Manager, Rose Hill, at 972-943-2876 or rhill@cmamanagement.com.



Winding Creek HOA Board



June 19, 2019

Bulletin: Winding Creek HOA Summer Happenings

Dear HOA Members,

A primary HOA goal is to maintain a community that is visually attractive. Given the age of our overall HOA community, much of the original landscaping including sod is no long pleasing. Very shortly, installation of sod and grass “plugs” will be placed in areas needing it.

You will notice over the next few weeks and into fall that common area beds will be begun to be reworked. In some cases, we will be reducing the size of the beds by adding sod. Our goal is to use more perennial and Xeriscape plantings in order to eliminate the need for seasonal plantings (much of which is challenging given our rabbit population). Boulders and rock work will be added in an effort to create a natural look. 

Last year we began the 2-year process of repainting light and sign posts throughout our community with the exception of the Silver Oak Estates, since those are relatively new compared to the remainder of the community. We were on schedule to have the remainder of the posts to be painted a few weeks ago, however the wet weather has delayed us. The plan is to begin as soon as our vendor feels there is sufficient continual good weather time to resume.   

VANDALISM, has become a costly issue for our HOA and ultimately you: 

- One of the river “swoosh” logos was removed from the Hardin entrance monument sign. A replacement is being fabricated and should be installed in a couple weeks at a cost of $2,000.  

- Kids have been photographed swinging on live tree lighting electric cables in the park – this could cause very serious injuries (if not fatal) should the cable come loose and electrocute the vandals.

- You have invested a lot of money and time in cleaning and redesigning the dry creek drainage area running through the park.  Large flagstones were placed at the south end of the park near the alley barricade. Kids have been seen smashing the flagstone on boulders in that area, leaving many bare areas to collect debris and allow weeds to grow. 

We love to see the park being used for safe and fun activities. If the  vandalism activities continue, they will be reported to McKinney Police Department's  designated HOA Community Police Officer (CPO), Corporal Dustin Kincaid, along with photos of the vandals.  

And please remember the park is for Winding Creek Homeowners and their guests and that no unleashed dogs or motorized vehicles are allowed in the park.

We continually ask that you respect your neighbors including picking up your pet waste as you walk our community. We do our best in picking up general litter and, for those of you who walk, it would be a great practice for you to carry a bag as you walk and help us by picking up anything trash that you come across.

As a reminder, your HOA contact is Rose Hill, phone 972.943.2876 and email rhill@cmamanagement.com.

It takes an all-hands-on-deck effort to maintain the standard that most of us desire throughout Winding Creek.

We’re wishing you an enjoyable and safe summer.



Your HOA Board of Directors


U.S. Flag Lease

The McKinney Sunrise and Sunset Rotary Clubs and Boy Scouts offer U.S. Flag leases.  You can lease a Flag Lease to delivered and installed at your home five times per year for a fee of $50.00 per year.  The flags are installed the weekend prior to a major holiday and retrieved a couple days later.  To order your flag, follow this link Rotary Flag Lease.

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